Rubber Prices in Tripura Witness Upward Trend, Bringing Relief to Growers and Traders

Rubber Tree

After a prolonged period of decline, the price of rubber sheets in Tripura is experiencing an upward trend, bringing optimism to rubber growers and traders. The ordinary rubber sheets, which were priced at Rs 113 per kg just a week ago, are now fetching higher rates in the market. In South Tripura Markets on Saturday, ordinary rubber sheets were sold at Rs 121 per kg, while thin rubber sheets commanded an even higher price of Rs 127 per kg.

Relief for Growers and Traders:

Rubber growers and traders were deeply concerned as the price of rubber had been consistently below the production cost, raising concerns about their future. However, the recent increase in rubber prices has brought relief and renewed hope. Growers and traders are now pleased with the rising prices and anticipate further increases in the days to come.

Apprehensions about Market Manipulation:

Despite the positive turn of events, there are apprehensions regarding the sudden fluctuations in rubber prices. Some individuals within the trade industry allege that a certain group of traders orchestrated the entire situation. They claim that these traders initiated a campaign highlighting the falling prices, creating fear among growers and pressuring them to sell their products at lower rates.

Emergence of New Traders and Higher Prices:

The dynamics changed when a different group of traders entered the market and began offering higher prices for rubber. Their presence and willingness to pay more have contributed to the upward trend in rubber prices. This development has provided growers and traders with options and has increased competition in the market.

The rubber industry in Tripura is experiencing a positive shift as rubber prices show a significant upward trend. This turn of events has brought relief to growers and traders who had been grappling with low prices for an extended period. While there are concerns about market manipulation, the emergence of new traders offering higher prices has boosted optimism. It is hoped that the upward trend in rubber prices will continue, providing stability and better returns to rubber growers and traders in Tripura.



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