Ruza Revived: Nagaland’s Ancient Water Harvesting System Breathes Life into Water-Scarce Mountains

Traditional harvesting system

In the rugged landscapes of Nagaland, where water scarcity has long been a pressing concern, an age-old solution has stood the test of time – the Ruza water harvesting system. This traditional method, deeply rooted in the region’s cultural heritage, has proven to be a lifeline for mountain communities grappling with water scarcity.

The Ruza system, ingeniously designed to capture and conserve rainwater, showcases the wisdom of indigenous knowledge that has sustained communities for generations. As climate change ushers in unpredictable weather patterns, the value of such time-tested practices becomes increasingly evident.

Nestled amidst the lush mountains, the Ruza system operates on a simple yet ingenious principle. Ingeniously designed structures are built to channel rainwater from the monsoon showers into designated collection points. These structures, often crafted using locally available materials, reflect the symbiotic relationship between the environment and human ingenuity.



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