Sapphire’s Poko Loko Launches India’s First Fruit Based Drink NFT


Poko Loko, a nata-de-coco fruit-based drink by Sapphire has launched India’s first fruit-based drink NFT Mascot. Based on the CoolCats NFT community, Poko Loko launched the NFT Mascot to create a unique and immersive experience for their customers, allowing them to not only enjoy the refreshing drinks but also be a part of a vibrant digital ecosystem.

Poko Loko launches NFT Mascot

By leveraging NFT as a mascot, Poko Loko is tapping into the unique benefits of today’s technologies like providing digital representation of ownership and authenticity, allowing the brand to establish a distinct identity and engage with its audience in novel ways while bringing the brand a step closer to its patrons. Launching the NFT through the metaverse, the brand wants to create immersive experiences, showcase the brands values, and foster deeper connections with its customers.

Commenting on the NFT Mascot launch, Ayush Dugar, the Chief Marketing Officer at Sapphire Comments, “The Poko Loko NFT is a part of the CoolCats NFT, one of the most popular NFT communities in the World, and as a brand utilizing NFT as a mascot, we believe that metaverse holds immense potential and exciting opportunities. It represents a virtual space where people can interact, create, and engage with digital assets and experiences, and has the power to revolutionize the way we connect, communicate, and conduct business in the coming future.”

By integrating with the metaverse, Poko Loko demonstrates its commitment to embracing emerging technologies and providing innovative experiences to customers. The brand is trailblazing the evolving trends of the dynamic industry and meeting the expectations of its tech-savvy audience, who seek immersive and unique digital experiences.

Metaverse as an industry is witnessing rapid growth and unwavering innovations as it offers a range of possibilities, including virtual events, virtual marketplaces, and virtual real estate. As a brand, we believe it is crucial for us to stay at the forefront of these developments, continuously exploring new avenues to engage our audience and expand our reach,” added Mr. Dugar.

The brand aims to focus on the 12-24 age group segment with its nata-de-coco fun drink Poko Loko and expand the range to foray into flavour-packed candies and confectionery.

About Poko Loko
Poko Loko is a nata-de-coco fruit-based drink, which is essentially a fun drink. The chunky pieces of the coconut coupled with a flavourful punch of fruits make it a delight for all ages. The brand is aiming to focus on the 12-24 years age segment and expand its range and foray into fun candies and confectionery that are a delight for the age group.

About Sapphire
The Universe of Sapphire is an extensive repository of finely curated food products – inspired by Fine Foods from all around the world. As a Home-grown brand serving the Indian Household for more than ten years, It is a matter of immense pleasure for the brand to enrich people’s everyday moments of warmth and affection in the most delicious way possible. Sapphire brings food products from all around the world under the brand’s umbrella to soothe the edible fancies and comforts of the Indian palate. The brand offers a wide range of over 150 food products consisting of coffee, cookies, confectionery, beverages and beyond. In addition to that, the brand works in strategic partnerships with over 15 international brands that stand for luxury. Sapphire Confectionery is a one-stop destination for those who enjoy the fine delicacies and are fond of making memories through indulgent gifting and warm bonding endeavors.





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