Security Concerns in Manipur: COCOMI Calls for Chief Minister’s Intervention


In a recent press release, the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), a prominent socio-political body from the Imphal Valley, has urged Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh to assume control of the Unified Command. The committee emphasizes the need for this action to safeguard the lives of the people and the integrity of the state.

Expressing concern over the recent deaths of three individuals in Churachandpur district, COCOMI questions the effectiveness of the Security Advisor and the Unified Command in handling the security situation. The press release highlights the perceived inadequacy of the 70,000-strong central forces deployed in the state, raising doubts about their ability to preserve civilian lives and property.

COCOMI suggests reconsidering the presence of central forces and empowering the state government to manage the situation. The committee criticizes the Security Advisor’s role, deeming it ineffective during the tumultuous period of the past eight months.

The tragic incident in Churachandpur, described by COCOMI as a “calculated and cold-blooded murder,” involved the deaths of four individuals who were gathering firewood for their livelihood. The committee condemns the event and underscores the need for urgent intervention to address the prevailing security challenges.

The press release implies that the continuous violence in Manipur demonstrates the failure of existing security arrangements, prompting the call for the Chief Minister’s direct involvement. COCOMI’s statement suggests a reevaluation of the security framework and a shift toward local governance in handling the security situation.

As Manipur faces escalating security concerns, the COCOMI’s demand for the Chief Minister to take charge of the Unified Command reflects the growing urgency to address the inadequacies in the current security apparatus and protect the well-being of the state’s citizens.



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