BJP Secures Dominant Victory in North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council Elections


In a resounding victory, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has swept the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) elections in Assam, solidifying its hold on the region. The electoral outcome, marked by a clean sweep, saw the BJP emerge victorious in 19 out of the 23 contested seats, attaining an absolute majority. The main rival, Congress, faced a humiliating defeat, failing to secure a single seat in this electoral battle.

The electoral process, held across 22 constituencies after BJP candidates triumphed in 6 uncontested areas, witnessed the counting of votes commencing at Haflong Don Bosco Higher Secondary School from 8 am. As the day unfolded, the BJP displayed an unstoppable momentum, securing victories in 12 out of the 22 contested constituencies.

The BJP’s decisive win, with 19 constituencies under its command, reinstates its dominance in the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council. The party’s success not only ensures its retention of power in the NCHAC but also paves the way for the incumbent Chief Executive Member (CEM), Debolal Gorlosa, to resume leadership in the hill council.

The outcome reaffirms the BJP’s stronghold in the region and underscores the electorate’s confidence in the party’s leadership. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had earlier indicated that Debolal Gorlosa would return as the head of the hill council, and the election results align with this prediction.

As the BJP celebrates its victory, the electoral landscape in the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council reflects a decisive mandate, setting the stage for continued governance under the party’s leadership. The absence of any seats for the Congress party highlights the formidable challenge it faces in the region and underscores the BJP’s political ascendancy in Assam.



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