Sheru’s Inspiring Journey: From Photography to Entrepreneurial Heights, reveals what photography means to him!


In a remarkable journey that kicked off with creating “” on Instagram, Sheru has grown into an entrepreneurial force, reshaping the world of media and empowering youth along the way. What began as a passion for photography transformed into “Thetrendingpeople” in 2021, a digital platform breaking boundaries by spotlighting ordinary stories in an extraordinary way. Sheru’s creativity shines through his photography and narratives on Thetrendingpeople, giving a voice to those often sidelined. His vision goes beyond capturing moments; it’s about creating a space for young people to express themselves, take action, and make a positive impact. Thetrendingpeople stands as India’s largest online platform for youth empowerment, a testament to Sheru’s commitment to making a difference.In 2022, Sheru took a bold step into the news media realm, founding

Established Digital News platform: Strengthening People’s Voices

Sheru, a creative mind, launched Thetrendingpeople in 2021, a digital platform that shares powerful stories. Through awesome photos and interesting stories, Sheru highlights the extraordinary in everyday life. He focuses on stories of people often overlooked, giving them a voice and a platform to share experiences. Sheru’s goal isn’t just about photos; it’s about creating a space where young people can speak up, take action, and make a difference. Thetrendingpeople Founded on March 16, 2021,  is not only a typical news site. They are a powerhouse of instant coverage and exclusive interviews, bringing you stories of those making waves globally.From tech to sports, we cover it all, providing informative stats and articles to keep you in the know. More than just news, we’re about impact. Partnering with global organizations, we empower youth to tackle issues like climate change and gender equality.

About the Sheru photographer

Sheru was born on February 2, 2001, and started sharing photos on Instagram with “” He’s from New Delhi and loves taking pictures. In 2021, he created “Thetrendingpeople,” a digital News platform.

Sheru is the youngest of four siblings—Muskan, Khushi, Chandni, and Rukshana. His family, especially his sister, is part of his life.

Global Recognition: Sheru’s Impactful Photography and Collaborations

Sheru’s impactful photography has gained global recognition, catching the attention of influential names, brands, and organizations. His work goes beyond just pictures – it serves as a way to understand, connect, and shed light on important issues. Sheru has been interviewed by national leaders, featured in documentaries covering various subjects, and collaborated with respected entities like the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), UNICEF, UNWOMEN, UNDP, the World Bank, OXFAM, JHPIEGO, GIZ, Room to Read, British Council, PSI, PCI, IQVIA, Masha Art, and FEA.

His reach also extends to numerous other international and domestic welfare organizations, showcasing his impactful contributions on a global scale. Sheru’s commitment to impactful storytelling.

Global Spotlight: Sheru’s Inspirational Documentary Journey

Sheru’s narrative extends beyond local borders, captivating a global audience in the Japanese documentary series “NHK Inside 2018.” This documentary unveils Sheru’s extraordinary path, encapsulating his dreams, struggles, and triumphs.

An integral chapter in Sheru’s story unfolds through his short film, “Say Cheese,” a cinematic masterpiece directed by Ishani Dutta. This film portrays Sheru’s passion, ambition, and resilience, earning recognition on the global stage. Selected for the 6th Woodpecker International Film Festival at the Siri Fort Auditorium, renowned for honoring impactful documentaries, “Say Cheese” showcases Sheru’s journey to a diverse audience.

Sheru’s tale, along with his cinematic creation, has earned admiration and acclaim worldwide, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. With a universal appeal, Sheru emerges as a global storyteller, fostering connections among audiences through shared emotions, dreams, and aspirations, leaving an enduring impact across the globe.

Sheru Photography: A Legacy of Triumph

Sheru Photography’s legacy goes beyond photos – it’s a tale of resilience and transformation. From the streets to global recognition, Sheru’s journey is a reminder that passion and perseverance turn challenges into triumphs.

Through his lens, Sheru shows a single click can capture a lifetime of emotions, making a photo a mirror reflecting human experience. His story is more than a narrative; it’s an ode to the human spirit, proving dreams, nurtured with determination, can become breathtaking realities.



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