Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sikandar kumar also known as Maniv romeo, is a famous businessperson who dominates the techniques for the internet industry.


One of the youngest entrepreneurs in India is Sikandar Kumar, better known to his friends and co-workers as Maniv Romeo. He has been working marvels in the field of digital marketing since he began his own campaign, the SHOOTUP MEDIA. He devoted time and did more research on the future of digital marketing because he saw its significance extremely early. Over the years, he acquired a wealth of experience, and today he is the director of the shoot up media, one of the most reputable and expert social media agencies.

In the year 2020, Maniv, who is originally from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, began his own business, which rapidly expanded due to the high calibre of work he provided to clients. With time, his business was able to serve more than 1000 clients, and it also received numerous emails and posts from satisfied customers. His business not only assists people in creating their brands but also advises them on what the target market needs and who will benefit from it. This stood out from many organisations where the fundamental tenet is to give clients the greatest calibre service possible.

Sikandar is well known for his penchant for collecting expensive bikes, which he does in his garage. He thinks that only perseverance will satisfy all of his wants, and thanks to his enthusiasm and youth, he is already well on his way to realising his long-term goals. It’s only a matter of time before he establishes himself among the elite given the rising awareness of his company in the media.

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