Sikkim Prepares for 49th State Day Celebrations

Chief Secretary Mr. VB Pathak

In preparation for the upcoming 49th State Day of Sikkim on May 16, 2024, Chief Secretary Mr. VB Pathak took charge by chairing a pivotal meeting at the Tashiling Secretariat today. The meeting aimed to strategize and organize the celebration of this significant occasion.

During the meeting, various aspects related to the State Day festivities were meticulously reviewed and discussed. Chief Secretary Mr. VB Pathak led the deliberations, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a memorable and meaningful celebration that resonates with the spirit and ethos of Sikkim.

Key stakeholders, including government officials, representatives from different departments, and members of organizing committees, actively participated in the meeting. Their collective efforts were focused on orchestrating a series of events and activities that showcase Sikkim’s rich cultural heritage, achievements, and aspirations.

With the State Day serving as an occasion to commemorate Sikkim’s journey and milestones, the discussions revolved around organizing cultural programs, exhibitions, and other engaging events that highlight the state’s progress and contributions. Additionally, arrangements for ensuring the safety and security of attendees and participants were also addressed.

Chief Secretary Mr. VB Pathak reiterated the significance of commemorating the State Day as a momentous occasion to reaffirm Sikkim’s unity, diversity, and progress. He underscored the need for meticulous planning and coordination among various stakeholders to ensure the success of the celebrations.

The meeting concluded with a firm commitment from all participants to work collaboratively and diligently towards executing the planned activities with utmost precision and enthusiasm. It was emphasized that the State Day celebrations should reflect the collective pride and identity of the people of Sikkim, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among citizens.

As preparations for the 49th State Day of Sikkim gain momentum, the Chief Secretary and the organizing committee remain dedicated to delivering a memorable and impactful celebration that honors the state’s heritage, values, and aspirations. With meticulous planning and concerted efforts, the forthcoming State Day promises to be a fitting tribute to Sikkim’s remarkable journey and promising future.



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