SNM Pratap: Capturing Timeless Moments through the Lens who won the title Photophile Award for Elegance and Variety in Photography at 34th event of Indian Eminent Awards in Goa by Inovexia International.


Meet SNM Pratap, also known as Pratap Naidu, a highly skilled and experienced professional photographer with a passion for preserving memories that stand the test of time. With a remarkable 18 years of expertise, SNM Pratap specializes in capturing the beauty and emotions of weddings, ensuring that every cherished moment is documented flawlessly. With branches in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, SNM Pratap is a trusted name in the world of wedding photography.

With nearly two decades of experience, SNM Pratap has honed his craft and developed a keen eye for capturing the essence of special occasions. His wealth of knowledge and expertise allows him to seize the most beautiful and candid moments, creating a treasure trove of memories that couples and their families can cherish for a lifetime.

His passion lies in capturing the magic of weddings. He understands the significance of this special day and is dedicated to documenting every precious moment, from the joyous ceremonies to the heartfelt emotions. His unique ability to blend into the background ensures that he captures natural, spontaneous moments that truly reflect the essence of each couple’s love story.

SNM Pratap’s photography services extend to both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, making his expertise accessible to a wider audience. Whether it’s the traditional ceremonies of Andhra Pradesh or the vibrant celebrations of Telangana, SNM Pratap has the experience and understanding to beautifully encapsulate the unique cultural elements of each region.

His talent lies in creating visual narratives that encapsulate the spirit of every wedding he captures. Through his artistry and technical expertise, he preserves the emotions, traditions, and candid moments that make each wedding unique. SNM Pratap’s photographs become cherished mementos, allowing couples and their loved ones to relive the joyous memories for generations to come.

SNM Pratap, with his 18 years of experience, stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for immortalizing special moments through the lens. As a specialist in wedding photography, his branches in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana ensure that couples can rely on his exceptional skills to capture their love stories with artistry and authenticity.



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