Sourav Ganguly’s Mission: Elevating Cricket as Tripura’s Tourism Ambassador


In a significant development, Sourav Ganguly, the newly appointed tourism brand ambassador for Tripura, has expressed his aspirations for the growth of cricket in the Northeastern state. The former Indian cricket captain shared his desire to contribute to Tripura’s cricketing landscape while actively promoting tourism.

Cricket Development in Tripura: Ganguly’s Vision

Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly articulated his aspiration to contribute to the advancement of cricket in Tripura while simultaneously promoting tourism. Emphasizing his commitment to the state’s cricket body, Ganguly expressed a desire for Tripura to establish a cricket stadium capable of hosting prominent matches.

“I am a cricketer and want to help the state cricket body. I want the state to build a stadium to host big matches,” remarked Ganguly. Drawing a parallel with Guwahati hosting India’s matches, he questioned why Tripura couldn’t aspire to achieve the same.

Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly’s Appreciation for Tripura’s Cricketing Talents

The former BCCI president revealed his close monitoring of Tripura’s cricketing journey, highlighting his admiration for Manisankar Murasingh’s prowess. Ganguly expressed confidence in Murasingh’s potential, mentioning, “I follow the players who are playing for Tripura, and I am impressed by the way Manisankar Murasingh plays in various tournaments.”

Anticipating Murasingh’s future in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ganguly shared, “I hope he will play in IPL as he has already been shortlisted.”

Saurav Ganguly formalized his commitment to Tripura’s tourism sector by signing an agreement with the state’s tourism department. The signing ceremony took place at the Ujjyanta Palace in Agartala on Monday (December 10).

Exploring Chhabimura: Ganguly’s Next Endeavor

In the coming days, Ganguly is set to visit Chhabimura in the Gomati district of Tripura, where he will engage in a promotional shoot for the state. This initiative aligns with his role as the tourism ambassador, aiming to showcase the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Tripura.



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