Spiritual Hypnotherapy By Secret Mantra


Spiritual hypnotherapy is a new way to develop your mind and life by the help of mantra energy. In this process the expert use some mantra to call the energy from the universe and apply on the people to solve all kind of problems regarding Health, Relationship, Finance.

In traditional hypnotherapy the therapist needs to read some scripts and suggestion and command to take control over sub-conscious mind. This process is time consuming and in most cases the person go in to sound sleep so therapist can not do the therapy. Also hypnotherapy takes more seating and if person is not suggestible then they can not get good results.

Also in reiki or other healing modality like pranic healing , you don’t know that which energy you are calling or using, so sometimes you access negative energy as well. In this process you have particular name of the energy for particular purpose so the that can not harm you by any other energies.

To solve this kind of problems Mr. Akash Patel introduce very powerful and proven process which he named Spiritual Hypnotherapy by Secret Mantra. He use some ancient mantra to call energy from universe and transfer it to the other person according to their life problems.

He can solve any kind of psychological problems, healing in physical diseases, Relationship related issues and also improve in finance level or start new income sources.

Mr.Akash Patel run “Secret Mantra Hypnotism Centre” and training centre in Rishikesh, Uttarahand from last 5 years. He has done many treatment and trained more than 500 students under his guidance. If anyone want to learn this techniques then they can contact Mr.Akash Patel on the whatsapp number +91 9586611013 or you can follow him on instagram “Secret_Mantras”

You can find the treatment videos and feedback on his YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCfqieXXDplgVgdVphHWfRA

Instagram Acc: Secret_Mantras



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