Standoff in Manipur: Meira Paibis Confront Security Forces


Simmering tension gripped Kumbi in Manipur’s Bishnupur district on Tuesday as a confrontation unfolded between central forces and a large group of Meira Paibi women. The clash erupted when the security personnel attempted to deposit confiscated weapons at the Kumbi Police Station.

Security Forces Resort to Firing

Facing resistance from the Meira Paibis, the central forces resorted to firing into the air to disperse the crowd. The women aimed to block a Casper vehicle transporting weapons, ammunition, and explosives seized from Village Defense Forces (VDF) personnel during an early morning operation.

The incident stemmed from an operation conducted by central forces in Kumbi hotspots, Bishnupur district, from 1:00 am to 6:00 am. Eleven Village Defense Force (VDF) personnel were apprehended along with their weapons during this operation.

Meira Paibis, a prominent women’s activist group in Manipur, demanded the return of the confiscated weapons, asserting that unarmed VDFs are ineffective in addressing the ongoing ethnic violence in the state. They also called for the unconditional release of the detained VDF members.

Officials clarified that while the apprehended VDF members were released, their weapons were retained by the police station for legal procedures.

Tensions mounted as a significant number of locals, predominantly women, gathered at the Kumbi Police Station, protesting against the confiscation of weapons. Bishnupur district shares borders with Churachandpur district, the epicenter of ethnic violence that erupted in May 2023, resulting in over 226 casualties, including 11 security personnel.



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