State Minister Of Tripura Accuses BJP Saying “Double Standards”


Senior TMC leader and State Minister for Women and Child Development Sashi Panja accused BJP of having “double standards.” She also spoke about some issues that BJP is not fulfilling for the Tripura people. In her further speech, she discussed the issue of the Tribal community.

BJP not supporting the demand for a separate state for the Tribal community in Tripura, she said, “Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sharma said in a recent interview that, at any cost, the BJP cannot support the demand to separate a part of their state. But surprisingly, in Bengal, their party leaders, one of them is John Barla who is also MP, a few MLAs from north Bengal, their state unit president Sukanta Majumdar and the leader of opposition Suvendhu Adhikari have demanded separate statehood on different occasions. When it comes to Bengal, their leaders demand separate states for a few districts. Why this double standard?”

Furthermore, she accused BJP of instigating people in Bengal. Being such a double standard will only harm the people of Tripura she said.




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