Student Unions Protest at Assam MLA’s Residence Over Alleged Assault

Student Unions Protest

Members of the All Moran Students’ Union, supported by the Satra Mukti Sangram Samity, gathered in front of Margherita MLA Bhaskar Sharma’s residence to protest. The demonstrators, outraged by the alleged assault of a union member by Sharma, surrounded his house and raised slogans demanding justice.

The protestors, holding banners and shouting slogans, called for an immediate apology from the MLA. They accused Sharma of abusing his power and mistreating the student, which led to widespread anger among the union members. The incident, which took place earlier in the week, has sparked a significant backlash, with student leaders vowing to continue their agitation until their demands are met.

Union leaders spoke passionately about the need for accountability and respect from elected representatives. They argued that the alleged assault was an affront to the dignity of the student community and highlighted a broader issue of misuse of authority. “We are here to demand justice for our fellow student. We will not be silenced until Bhaskar Sharma apologizes and takes responsibility for his actions,” declared a union leader at the protest.

The situation intensified as more students joined the protest, showing solidarity with the union member who was allegedly assaulted. The crowd grew larger, and the chants louder, as the protestors blocked the main road leading to the MLA’s residence. The police were deployed to maintain order, but the demonstrators remained peaceful while making their demands heard.

Sharma, who has denied the allegations, faced mounting pressure to address the issue. In a brief statement, he called for calm and assured that the matter would be investigated thoroughly. However, the student unions remain skeptical and insist on a direct apology and assurance of safety for all students in the region.

The protest highlighted the growing tension between the student community and local politicians. The All Moran Students’ Union and Satra Mukti Sangram Samity emphasized that they would escalate their actions if their demands are not met. The unions plan to continue their protests and have warned of larger demonstrations in the coming days if there is no resolution.



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