Tripura CM Reviews Ratha Yatra Preparations, Ensures Comprehensive Safety Measures


Chief Minister Manik Saha held a review meeting to ensure the smooth conduct of Tripura’s upcoming Ratha Yatra. During the meeting, he directed authorities to implement comprehensive safety measures and take all necessary precautions to prevent any untoward incidents. The review meeting aimed to address various aspects of the event, focusing on crowd management, security, and emergency preparedness.

Chief Minister Saha emphasized the importance of coordination among different departments to guarantee the safety of all participants and attendees. He instructed the police and local administration to maintain strict vigilance and deploy adequate personnel at key locations to manage the large crowds expected during the festival. Additionally, he called for the installation of surveillance cameras and the establishment of control rooms to monitor the event in real-time.

Health services also received significant attention during the meeting. Saha urged health officials to set up medical camps along the yatra route and ensure that ambulances and medical personnel are on standby to address any emergencies. He highlighted the need for proper sanitation facilities and the availability of clean drinking water for the devotees.

The Chief Minister also focused on traffic management, instructing the transport department to devise efficient traffic plans to minimize congestion and ensure the smooth movement of vehicles. He directed them to provide adequate parking spaces and to arrange for alternative routes to ease traffic flow.

In addition to these measures, Saha stressed the importance of public awareness and cooperation. He appealed to the citizens to follow the guidelines issued by the authorities and to maintain discipline throughout the event. He also requested religious and community leaders to assist in spreading awareness about safety protocols among the devotees.

Cultural programs and other festivities associated with the Ratha Yatra were also discussed during the meeting. Saha urged the organizers to ensure that all events are conducted in an orderly manner and adhere to the safety guidelines. He emphasized the significance of preserving the cultural heritage of the festival while prioritizing the well-being of the participants.

The Chief Minister concluded the meeting by reiterating the government’s commitment to making the Ratha Yatra a safe and memorable event. He assured that the administration would leave no stone unturned to ensure the successful execution of the festival, allowing devotees to participate in the celebrations without any concerns.



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