Successful Joint Operation Eradicates Illicit Poppy Plantation in Ukhrul District


In a commendable collaborative effort, security forces and the Forest Department recently executed a successful operation to eradicate approximately 20 acres of illicit poppy plantation at Mullam and Shongphel Hill, located under the jurisdiction of Litan police station in Ukhrul district.

The significance of this operation lies in its pivotal role in combating the illegal cultivation of poppy, a plant notorious for its association with the production of opium and narcotics. The eradication of these illicit crops not only disrupts the production chain of illegal substances but also underscores the commitment of the authorities to curb the spread of such activities.

Beyond the targeted destruction of the poppy fields, security forces undertook comprehensive search operations and asserted control over the fringe and vulnerable areas of hills and valley districts. This proactive approach resulted in the detention of 225 individuals across different districts of the State who were found to be involved in various violations.

The joint effort reflects a multifaceted strategy aimed at addressing the issue at its roots. By targeting the cultivation sites directly, authorities are not only preventing the production of illegal substances but also sending a strong message to those involved in such activities. The collaboration between security forces and the Forest Department highlights the importance of coordinated efforts in tackling complex issues like illicit drug cultivation.

This operation not only serves as a deterrent but also demonstrates the commitment of the authorities to maintain law and order. The detained individuals are now subject to legal proceedings, emphasizing the consequences of engaging in activities that pose a threat to public safety and well-being.

As the eradication of illicit poppy cultivation marks a crucial step forward, it is imperative for the authorities to continue such collaborative efforts and implement sustained measures to prevent the resurgence of illegal activities. The success of this operation not only safeguards the community from the harmful effects of narcotics but also reinforces the role of joint initiatives in maintaining a secure and resilient society.



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