Sukanya Borah Arrested: Major Development in Assam’s MPLAD Scam


The Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell has made a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation into the MPLAD (Members of Parliament Local Area Development) scam in Assam, with the arrest of suspended ACS (Assam Civil Service) officer Sukanya Borah. Borah, who previously served as the Additional District Commissioner (ADC) of Kamrup Metro district, has been a subject of multiple interrogations by the vigilance cell concerning her alleged involvement in the scandal.

Allegations of Illicit Wealth Accumulation

Sukanya Borah is facing accusations of accumulating properties beyond her “legitimate income” by utilizing the names of family members and relatives. Disturbing reports suggest that her aunt informed the police that Borah falsely portrayed her mother as mentally unstable to acquire assets. The alleged extensive property ownership spans areas in Guwahati, Morigaon, Hajo, and North Guwahati.

The ACS officer’s suspension in March 2023 was a result of suspected irregularities in the implementation of projects funded by the MPLAD fund. In May, Borah’s plea for anticipatory bail in connection with the case was rejected by the Gauhati High Court. The legal proceedings indicate the gravity of the charges levied against her.

Arrests Extend to Other Officials

Samed Ali, a retired PWD (Public Works Department) engineer, and Bhaskar Deka, Deputy Conservator of Forests, have also been arrested in connection with the MPLAD scam. Both were previously summoned for questioning by the CM’s Special Vigilance Cell but reportedly refused to cooperate, leading to their subsequent arrest.

Unraveling the MPLAD Fund Misappropriation

The investigation has shed light on the misappropriation of funds from Rajya Sabha MP Ajit Kumar Bhuyan’s MPLAD fund. The allocated funds were intended for a road construction project in Barpeta, Assam. However, the irregularity surfaced when it was revealed that the payment was authorized before the completion of 75 percent of the project.

Focus on Accountability and Transparency

The arrest of Sukanya Borah and other implicated officials underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring accountability and transparency in public service. The MPLAD fund, designed to empower MPs to address development needs in their constituencies, is meant for the betterment of society. Any misuse of these funds is a breach of public trust and warrants strict legal action.



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