Supreme Court Recommends Two Judicial Officers for Tripura High Court Judgeship


The Supreme Court Collegium, led by the Chief Justice of India, has proposed the appointment of two esteemed judicial officers from Tripura to serve as judges in the Tripura High Court. These recommendations were based on proposals presented by the acting Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court on December 1, 2022.

The former acting Chief Justice of Tripura High Court, in consultation with two senior colleagues, nominated Biswajit Palit and Sabyasachi Datta Purkayastha for elevation to judgeships in the Tripura High Court.

Biswajit Palit, currently holding the position of Legal Remembrancer and Secretary at the Law Department, Government of Tripura, received resounding support from both consultee-judges for his suitability for the appointment. The Collegium took into account the Government of India’s input, which revealed no adverse information regarding his reputation or integrity. Additionally, the Collegium acknowledged the report of the Judgment Assessment Committee, ultimately deeming him fit for the judgeship.

Sabyasachi Datta Purkayastha, presently serving as the Director of the Tripura Judicial Academy, received a favorable recommendation from one consultee-judge, while the other reserved their opinion for future consideration. The Collegium noted the absence of any adverse information in the Government of India’s input regarding his reputation or integrity. Considering these factors, along with the report from the Judgment Assessment Committee, the Collegium deemed him a suitable candidate for appointment as a judge of the High Court.

The Supreme Court Collegium concluded that both judicial officers exhibit the competence required for appointment as judges of the Tripura High Court. Presently, the Tripura High Court comprises three judges, with Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh serving as the Chief Justice, and Justice T Amarnath Goud and Justice Arindam Lodh serving as senior judges.



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