Suraj Seva Dal held an agitation against Roorkee Mayor Gaurav Goyal


The people of Roorkee, under the chairmanship of Suraj Seva Dal state president Ramesh Joshi, demanded the dismissal of the current mayor Gaurav Goyal.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Ramesh Joshi said that the inquiry committee formed on the orders of the Nainital High Court has found Roorkee Mayor Gaurav Goyal guilty of violating the Municipal Corporation Act and has also been found responsible for violating various Acts.

Mr. Joshi also told the press that Gaurav Goyal has been accused of sexual harassment of the servant’s wife, bribery in lease renewal, misuse of office, and misuse of councilors and employees. The investigation was done by the government and its report has also come against the mayor. The report of the action taken has to be given. The inquiry committee has come to different clear conclusions regarding all the allegations. The Mayor did not consider it appropriate to give any answer to the committee regarding most of the allegations.

Meanwhile, another complaint against Gaurav reached the government. His investigation report also came against him. The initial investigation against Gaurav, who was expelled from the BJP and remained in the limelight of controversies, was conducted by the DM of Haridwar through a committee headed by the CDO. That evidence and statements were collected from all the parties, which were found against the mayor. Gaurav himself neither appeared before the committee nor sent a written reply.

The government also found in its report that Gaurav violated Section 16(1)-B and 11-12 as mayor. There is a provision in this that the guilty mayor will be relieved immediately.

And all the files related to this are lying with the Urban Development Minister for several weeks and no action is being taken on his behalf. This protest is against him, the time limit for the removal of Roorkee Mayor Gaurav Goyal from the post is May 15. He told that the Nainital High Court had directed the state government to decide on this matter by May 15, but the present government is sitting on this matter with folded hands, no action will be taken from their side. Not being done. Ramesh Joshi ji expressed surprise over the lateness of the government.

He told that based on the investigation report, the sword of dismissal hangs over the head of Roorkee Mayor Gaurav Goyal. In the investigation conducted on the orders of the High Court, the government has found him responsible for violating all the Acts. File related to this Urban Development Minister Prem Chand Agrawal has been with him for more than a week. If he gets his stamp, it will not take long for the mayor’s chair of this major city of Haridwar to become vacant. The serious aspect is that if the government does not take any action in this matter soon Any big-serious step can be taken against him, the secretary of the government has to personally appear in the High Court and give a report regarding the steps taken and the decisions taken.

He said that why the government is not showing seriousness in the matter of Gaurav Goyal. Why the final seal is not being put on the file related to Goyal? Ramesh Joshi ji has appealed to the administration through this agitation that action should be taken on this matter as soon as possible and Roorkee Mayor Gaurav Goyal should be suspended soon.

At the same time, he said that if no concrete steps are taken against Roorkee Mayor Gaurav Goyal as soon as possible, then he will take this movement to a bigger level and this movement will move faster.



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