Tasvirwala Studios, as a top luxury wedding photography, video editing, and film brand, helps create memories for a lifetime


The kind of massive growth and insane level of developments that have happened across different sectors around the world have attracted major eyeballs, which have even made people wonder about the many factors that may have led these developments to take place. No one can deny how tech advancements are a huge factor, but the kind of passion, incessant efforts, and tenacity a few professionals and team of professionals and experts showcase in their respective fields, turning their brands and businesses into success stories are also major factors that have led such incredible developments to happen across industries of the world. Being a great contributor in the artistic realm as a luxury photography and film brand is Tasvirwala.

Tasvirwala was founded in 2020 by a 20 years old boy Anmol Masih. Tasvirwala undoubtedly today has become one of the greatest success stories in the industry, which already overflows with tons of other wedding photography and filming brands and companies. However, Tasvirwala stands unique for a myriad of factors as a Chandigarh-based company that eats, sleeps, breathes creative thinking and as a team that goes by emotions for capturing the best sentiments of the clients as bride or groom or any other “Baarati” that feels for the couple.

Encompassing all significant aspects of photography and filming, Tasvirwala create moments that have the power to sparkle souls and create moments that could forever echo in the realm of magic because magic is what they create with their breathtakingly beautiful shots, thriving off of the passion of a team that believes in delivering this magic through their camera lens.

Becoming one of the rising names and one of the most sought-after luxury wedding photography, videography and film brands in the industry was no cakewalk for them, but with every project they undertake, they weave in magic as the sole ingredient of their work as photographers and filmers.

Check out their website www.tasvirwala.com and follow it on Instagram @tasvirwala to know more.