TDF on its Existence After Merging With Trinamool


TDF has in a statement denied having abolished their separate identity to merge en masse with the Trinamool. The newly formed Tripura Democratic Front describing the news-items published and telecast in a section of print and electronics media as ‘attempt to create confusion’ the statement issued by the party said that TDF was formed in a democratic manner and there was no internal discussion within the party to join the Trinamool, nor was opinion of members taken in this regard. .

TDF has declared its decision to work in association with the ‘Tipra Motha’, a few days back. Yesterday the merging of TDF with ‘Tipra Motha’ was announced. Also it was said that the amazing was a personal decision of TDF president Pujan Biswas and not the collective decision of the party. The party has nothing to do with the decision taken by Pujan Biswas. The statement added that Tripura Democratic Front (TDF) will go on working in public interest and will keep up its agitation for protecting the democratic rights of people of the state.