Teliamura Police Seize Illegal Foreign Liquor, Arrest Two Shop Owners


A police team led by SDPO Prasun Kumar Tripura successfully conducted a raid on a licensed liquor shop in Khasia Mangal area, Teliamura. Acting on a tip-off, the police team seized a stock of illegally stocked foreign liquor worth Rs. 25,000 in the market. The raid resulted in the arrest of two shop owners, Nayan Kumar Roy and Pritam Debnath, who were involved in the illegal stocking of foreign liquor without proper authorization.

According to police sources, the anti-drug and anti-liquor raids and search operations will continue to neutralize the menace of drug, ganja, and spurious foreign liquor. The police are committed to cracking down on illegal activities that pose a threat to public safety and security.

The successful operation carried out by the Teliamura police team led by SDPO Prasun Kumar Tripura is expected to act as a deterrent to those who engage in the illegal stocking of foreign liquor. The arrests made during the operation should serve as a warning to others who engage in similar activities. The police force is determined to maintain law and order in the region and ensure the safety and security of its citizens.



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