Territorial Army Recovers 42kg Explosives in Manipur Rescue Operation


Troopers from the territorial army made a startling discovery during a rescue mission in Noney district of Manipur, as approximately 42 kilograms of explosive materials were recovered following an accident involving a truck.

Colonel RK Sharma, Commandant of the 107 Territorial Army Battalion, swiftly responded to reports of a truck accident about 8 kilometers from Nungba police station. The truck, carrying a full load of cement from Silchar, Assam to Imphal via Jiribam district headquarters, had plunged into a gorge beside National Highway 37.

Upon reaching the scene, the army team managed to rescue the truck driver, who had sustained injuries from the accident. The driver was promptly transported to a hospital in Silchar for medical attention.

During the rescue operation, the security forces were shocked to find approximately 42 kilograms of explosive materials scattered around the overturned vehicle.

A team from the Nungba police station quickly arrived at the scene. The recovered explosives were subsequently seized and taken into police custody for further investigation.

The injured driver now faces legal action, with police conducting ongoing investigations into the incident.

Colonel RK Sharma emphasized the importance of maintaining vigilance on the highways to prevent such hazardous incidents. He commended the swift response of the territorial army team and stressed the need for continued cooperation between security forces and law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of the region’s inhabitants.

The discovery of the explosives highlights the ongoing threat of illicit activities in the region. Security forces remain vigilant in their efforts to detect and neutralize potential dangers, safeguarding the well-being of the populace.



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