Tezpur University Introduces Seven New Academic Programs for 2024-25 Session

Tezpur University

Tezpur University (TU) in Guwahati has unveiled seven new academic programs set to commence in the upcoming 2024-25 academic session. These programs aim to provide students with diverse educational opportunities and cater to the evolving demands of the modern world.

The newly introduced programs include Bachelor of Design (B. Des.), Bachelor in Chinese, M.Tech in Electrical Engineering, M.Tech in Data Sciences, MA in Women’s Studies, Master of Education (M. Ed.), and Ph.D. in Law. Additionally, the University has initiated a Ph.D. program tailored for industry personnel and professionals.

These new academic offerings reflect TU’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation in higher education. By introducing programs in emerging fields such as data sciences and design, the University seeks to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

The Bachelor of Design program will provide students with comprehensive training in various aspects of design, preparing them for careers in industries such as fashion, advertising, and multimedia. Likewise, the Bachelor in Chinese program aims to meet the growing demand for professionals proficient in the Chinese language and culture.

The M.Tech programs in Electrical Engineering and Data Sciences will equip students with advanced technical skills and expertise in areas crucial to the rapidly evolving fields of technology and data analysis. These programs will enable students to contribute to cutting-edge research and innovation in their respective fields.

The MA in Women’s Studies program underscores TU’s commitment to promoting gender equality and social justice through academic inquiry and research. By offering specialized education in women’s studies, the University aims to empower students to address pressing issues related to gender and society.

The Master of Education program is designed to prepare educators for leadership roles in the field of education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the diverse needs of students in today’s educational landscape.

Finally, the Ph.D. programs in Law and the specialized program for industry personnel and professionals will provide opportunities for advanced research and scholarship in areas of critical importance to society and the economy.

Further, the introduction of these new academic programs represents a significant milestone for Tezpur University and reaffirms its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and societal relevance. Through these initiatives, the University aims to continue its tradition of fostering intellectual growth, creativity, and leadership among its students.



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