The Ancient Times: Chief Editor Mr. Hussain Owais Sabir Launches Visionary Magazine in Bangalore


Enhancing the mind with developing new ideas to reach the heights: The Ancient Times ” power to people”

Birth of the Ancient Times

The Ancient Times is founded by Mr Hussain Owais Sabir at Bangalore, India in the year 2016. It got registered under RNI Government of India and is published in multi-language i e., English and Kannada edition circulated as weekly newspaper.

Mr Hussain Owais Sabir published the first edition with 200 copies and circulated personally to all the Courts of Justice and all other Government offices which includes Vidhan Soudha, Vikasa Soudha and to many other official places. He has struggled from the ground of it, to get the newspaper to reach maximum people. His aim for launching The Ancient Times newspaper to become the voice of the society and spread the genuine news to every human being out there.

              Firstly, he concentrated on the offline newspaper which shall be circulated to various cities but, with the changing modern society and increase in usage of technology by people, he launched the online website named, which started reaching and covered the audience throughout the world.  He then as a single army started to spread the existence of The Ancient Times, now he has a large number of people under him who contribute towards the success of this newspaper.

Then gradually, the visitors/audience of the websites got increased day by day, week by week, year by year and the readers were showing a lot of interest in the news content and articles being published on the website. He taught out of the zone and wanted to make it easy for the viewers to scroll out the articles and news and be updated to the day to day news.

Furthermore, he launched the app named as the Ancient Times in the Google Play Store for Android users and in future the app for ios users will be launched.

                He taught out of the box and evolved with a unique idea of making the society to be the reporters, an idea in which the common citizens can act as the reporters by gathering the news happening around them and publish the same with their name mentioned in the article, news etc. From this unusual idea, the commoners for the first time can get benefited for the articles, news and ads to get published in the web portal through their personal login option in the website.

                He has been active on the social networking site by publishing the live news and articles. So the readers got very attracted and the followers increased rapidly throughout the world, likely in countries like USA, UAE, Canada, Hongkong, Philippines, Uganda and Singapore.

                He has provided internship to a large number of the students from the different colleges in cities.

                He has big aims to see his newspaper with the top most newspapers in the country, further he likely to publish The Ancient Times newspaper daily in large quantity but due to low financial income, it’s been delaying. The Ancient Times welcomes the sponsors, by which the newspaper can be published daily with high quantity and spread all over the places, by benefiting the viewers and commoners who are jobless by providing them more job opportunities.

It does not end here, in fact his beliefs are very strong and well-aimed. As he strongly beliefs “Time and Health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted”. Henceforth, The Ancient Times always look forward in alerting the commoners ahead of time, whether it is about Breaking news or Food. So keeping this in mind Mr Hussain Owais Sabir decided to organise Food Awards.

Mr Husain Owais Sabir also propagates and promotes the saying of Dr Seuss, “The more that you read the more things you will know, the more that you learn the more places you will go”. Therefore he also indulges himself in other things like sponsoring Education Award for schools and colleges in order to encourage the future generation to reach better places in life.

furthermore with his idea of expanding his audience he is now publishing The Ancient Times magazine with new contents shall be helpful for the society in grabbing various information. which is likely to be launched in the month of July 2023 at Bangalore.



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