Wedding bells ringing for Ambassador & Entrepreneur Ishaan Bhalla?


Artist & Entrepreneur Ishaan Bhalla is reportedly getting married next week. Amidst of the wedding rumours, on Tuesday he arrived the National Capital and met PM at his residence. As per sources, the wedding is set to take place in Raipur next week. The art & culture ambassador has been away from the city. As the excitement grows, public eagerly waits more information about the big day.

Ishaan Bhalla actively works in promoting art, culture and handicrafts. He is a popular curator and collector. Ishaan who has been instrumental in shaping the Indian art market has been working on a lot of rural culture projects focused in Chhattisgarh. Having worked with various private and public sectors, the young entrepreneur affirmed his commitment to growth of art and culture by providing livelihood to millions of artisans in India. He is also a National Awardwinning artist. 

Bhalla has been recognized for his entrepreneurial achievements and has received numerous awards, including the World Young Entrepreneur Award. Ishaan has made his global debut as a creative entrepreneur by making it to 30 under 30 Asia list. His larger than life artistic creations are housing at the who’s who.

To learn the secret to success first hand from the creative lad himself, he says, “Success is a relative term. For me, it’s more about focus, hard work, honesty, and dedication. I work from the heart.”

However, the best part of Ishaan’s journey is that his hobby is his job and this made all the difference. It was also a contributing factor to his commitment and drive. Speaking to The Entrepreneur in 2022 he stated – “My greatest morality is that I mind my own business. I have only focused on my journey, which has helped me cut through the confusion and stay apt over the years.” Ishaan also adds that ecological activism combined with entrepreneurial endeavours are today’s “smart” survival tactics considering the opulent environment we live in. So, every entrepreneur’s success mantra should be to interpolate innovation with a disruptive trend to solve an existing problem.

The sense of pride he gets in the people’s confidence, reliance, and goodwill that he has gained over the years transcends the numerous accolades and recognitions from the National and United Nations. He is also quite proud of having come from a very humble background and being able to inspire and connect creativity and the average person in a seamless way.

“Art would be the last thing a person would buy. Obviously, art isn’t a necessity, it’s more of a luxury. But I think that I have been able to break this stereotype and made it into a ‘want’ for people. This also gives me a sense of pride along with satisfaction when somebody says – ‘we need an Ishaan Bhalla signature piece’.”




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