The Grand Inauguration: India’s New Parliament Building and the Significance of Maa Dhumavati Jayanti


The new Parliament building will provide India with a prestigious heritage in the world with its inauguration ceremony, in terms of its architectural energy and auspicious timing.

Artisans and sculptors from different parts of the country, with the diversity of Indian culture, art, and architecture, have contributed to the cultural diversity of this building through their artistic contributions.

The new Parliament building is equipped with modern and advanced facilities. Compared to the current Parliament building, this new structure with a triangular shape is well-equipped with various security features.

The new Parliament building is three times larger than the existing Parliament in terms of size, and its interior decoration reflects the rich blend of Indian culture, regional art, sculpture, and architecture.

According to the renowned architectural consultant Mr. Sunil Kumar Aryan from Panipat, Haryana, the design of this building was prepared by the present government after inspecting the parliament buildings of several countries.

The triangular shape of this building has also been determined from a Vastu perspective. The triangular shape holds great significance in Indian culture and ancient tradition.

Even in Vedic culture, the triangle is mentioned. During various rituals such as havan and worship, triangular shapes and alpana are created. It is believed that performing such rituals in a triangular shape completes the ceremony.

Architect Sunil Kumar Aryan emphasized that the inauguration of the new Parliament building is scheduled on the occasion of Maa Dhumavati Jayanti. This is one of the ten Mahavidyas under Tantra Vidya, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a devotee of Maa Bhagwati.

The inauguration of the new Parliament building will take place on Sunday, May 28, 2023. There are several auspicious yogas and timings during this period that will make the event grand.

As per the Panchang, the inauguration of the new Parliament building is taking place on May 28, 2023, which falls on the eighth day of the Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. It is also the day of Maa Dhumavati Jayanti, which is observed.

Maa Dhumavati Jayanti is celebrated on the eighth day of the Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. In Hinduism, Maa Dhumavati is considered as the half form of Lord Shiva. She is worshipped as Alakshmi. Maa Dhumavati is the seventh Mahavidya, and her worship is performed with rituals and devotion on this day. It is believed that worshiping Maa Dhumavati frees a person from diseases and poverty. For those who practice tantra, Maa Dhumavati Jayanti is considered highly significant.

Maa Dhumavati is an extremely fierce form of Goddess Parvati. She is depicted as a widow with a crow as her vehicle, wearing white clothes and having disheveled hair. Mata Dhumavati is one of the ten Mahavidyas, and her worship is specifically performed during the secretive Navaratri.

Widowhood, begging, poverty, earthquakes, droughts, hunger, weeping, widowhood, childlessness, conflicts, these are all directly associated with the physical forms of Mata Dhumavati. With terrifying appearance, dryness, and a disabled body, these are the results of her punishment. In the original nature of all these, Parvati is Dhumavati herself.

All the capabilities of causing damage and destruction through curses are due to Dhumavati form of Goddess Sati. The original power of anger-filled sages like Angira, Durvasa, Parashurama, Bhrigu has been provided by Mata Dhumavati.

The inauguration of the new Parliament building, along with the blessings of this great power, can be observed because the current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, is a devoted worshipper of Maa Bhagwati.

1) Position of Planets: On this day, the Sun will be in the Taurus zodiac sign and Rohini nakshatra, while the Moon will be in the Leo zodiac sign and Purva Phalguni nakshatra.

2) Date and Auspicious Timing: The inauguration will take place at 12:00 PM during the Abhijit Muhurat, which is considered highly auspicious. On this day, a constellation called Kshatriya is also forming, which is considered very auspicious. Along with the inauguration, it will also be a special occasion of the monthly Durga Ashtami festival and the Jayanti (birth anniversary) of Goddess Dhumavati. Particularly, this day holds the power to uphold the democratic strength on the global stage.

3) Ascendant (Lagna): At the time of the new building’s inauguration, the Ascendant (Lagna) will be stable in the Leo zodiac sign. With a stable Ascendant, the glory of the building will remain for a long time, and the Lagnesh (Lord of Ascendant), the Sun, will be in a strong position in the tenth house, indicating that Members of Parliament can focus more on their work.

4) Role of Saturn: On this day, at the time of the inauguration, Saturn will be in the Aquarius zodiac sign, placed in the seventh house from the Ascendant in a retrograde state. Saturn is considered the significator of the masses, which will provide auspicious timing in every way and play an important role in popularizing the government among the society and the public, despite some opposition.

5) Position of the Sun: The significator of royal grace, the Sun, will be positioned in the tenth house, supporting and strengthening the ruling party.

6) Eleventh House: With the presence of the planet Venus in the eleventh house, there will be a favorable financial situation and opportunities for wealth gain.

7) Role of Mars: Mars will be in debilitated position in the fourth and ninth houses, which can lead to some tough and effective decisions regarding dealing with enemies in the border areas. However, there may also be some opposition related to these decisions.

The new parliament’s uniqueness lies in its triangular shape, which also incorporates the concept of the hexagon, defining the Satva (harmony), Rajas (activity), and Tamas (inertia) qualities. It also reflects glimpses of the Trinity. When we look at this new building, it appears to be a combination of a triangle and a circular shape, symbolizing Lord Shiva and the Divine Mother Shakti. Where the triangular shape represents Lord Shiva’s trident and Shiva Linga, the circular shape represents the divine aura of Goddess Shakti. Their union resulted in the birth of Lord Kartikeya, who is known to remove all kinds of negativities and transmit divine energy, which can be a transformative factor in this parliament building, despite the challenges it may face.

The knowledge, power, and karma balance:

According to the Gate of Knowledge, Gate of Power, and Gate of Karma, this new Parliament building will impart the lessons of knowledge, power, and karma to the people working here, including administrators and parliamentarians. It can be said that if we overlook certain obstacles, the new Parliament will present India’s shining image in the coming years.

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