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Aesthetic Physician & Hair Transplant Consultant, Trichologist form The Hairsmith Clinic - Best Hair Transplant Centre in Delhi NCR

In the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetic medicine and hair restoration, Dr. Ankit Sharma emerges as a stalwart, blending expertise and dedication into a vision of a ‘Bald-Free India.’ With a journey spanning over a decade, Dr. Sharma, an Aesthetic Physician, Hair Transplant Consultant, and Trichologist, has become a beacon of excellence, transforming lives through comprehensive services at The Hairsmith Clinic.

A Journey of Distinction

Dr. Ankit Sharma’s journey commenced within the family’s beauty product enterprise, Le Rainbow, where his expertise catalyzed the company’s growth. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery, a master’s degree in business administration, and further studies in Germany, Dr. Sharma epitomizes holistic well-being. In 2013, he founded Cure n Care Clinic, a testament to his commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services.

A significant milestone in his career unfolded in 2019 when he assumed the role of Senior Medical Consultant at The Hairsmith Clinic & Aesthetics, offering a holistic approach to body, skin, and hair care. Simultaneously, Dr. Sharma served as a Senior Medical Hair Transplant Consultant in various clinics around Delhi since 2013, solidifying his standing in the field.

Altruism Amid Challenges

Beyond his medical endeavors, Dr. Ankit Sharma became an altruistic force during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. He initiated the Ahaan Foundation, providing essential resources to the destitute and needy in Delhi, showcasing his commitment to societal welfare.

Recognition and Accolades

Dr. Sharma’s dedication and exceptional results have earned him numerous accolades, including the Best Educationist Award, Global Teacher Award 2020, and the National Educational Brilliance Award. The Hairsmith Clinic, under his leadership, received the distinction of being the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in 2018. The prestigious Seva Ratna Award recognized his outstanding contribution to society, attesting to his philanthropic endeavors.

In 2022, The Hairsmith Hair Transplant Clinic achieved the Iconic Indian Award for being the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, highlighting its commitment to excellence. The clinic’s recognition as India’s Most Trusted Hair Transplant Centre underscores its global trust and appeal.

Transforming Lives Through Comprehensive Services

The Hairsmith Hair Transplant Clinic has solidified its position as a leading hair restoration center in Delhi and NCR, offering a range of advanced treatments. The clinic specializes in various techniques, including FUT, FUE, advanced FUE, DHI, BHT, minimal shaving hair transplant, and more. The emphasis is on early intervention for hair loss, advocating that prompt treatment and care can delay the progression of hair loss.

Dr. Ankit Sharma’s Key Achievements as a Leader in the Industry

Inventor of UR-FUE Technique: Dr. Sharma’s innovative UR-FUE Technique sets a new standard, providing natural-looking results without visible scars.

New Hair Transplant Kit: The clinic pioneers the use of a new hair transplant kit for every patient, ensuring 100% disposable items in every case—a groundbreaking approach in the field.

Work/Services Highlights:

Best Quality Hair Transplant: The clinic excels in providing high-quality hair transplant services.

Specialized Procedures: Moustache & Beard Hair Transplant, Eyebrow Hair Transplant, PRP & GFC Therapy, Scalp Micropigmentation, Hairline Reconstructions, and more.

Innovation: The clinic introduces innovative techniques such as the UR-FUE Technique, ensuring natural-looking results without visible scars.

Hygiene and Safety: The commitment to hygiene is evident with a new hair transplant kit for every patient, ensuring 100% disposables for the highest level of cleanliness.

International Standards: The clinic maintains international quality control, ensuring the utmost precision and safety.

Medical Tourism Facility: Patients can benefit from medical tourism facilities, attracting individuals seeking world-class services.

Least Invasive Procedures: The clinic offers procedures that are minimally invasive, scarless, and painless, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Recognition: The Hairsmith Clinic has been recognized with prestigious awards, attesting to its excellence and reliability.

What Sets The Hairsmith Clinic Apart?

Decades of Experience: With over 20 years of excellence, the clinic boasts highly experienced doctors and technicians.

UR-FUE Technique: The state-of-the-art UR-FUE Technique sets the clinic apart, leaving no visible scars on the donor area.

Natural Results: Patients can expect the most natural and permanent-looking hair transplant results.

Hygiene Priority: The use of 100% disposable kits reflects the clinic’s commitment to maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

Global Trust: The clinic is celebrated as India’s Most Trusted Hair Transplant Centre, attracting patients worldwide.

Financial Accessibility: With an easy EMI facility at 0% interest, the clinic ensures that quality hair restoration is accessible to all.

Other Expertise

10+ Years of Excellence

Highly Qualified & Experienced Doctors & Technician Team Modern & Latest State-of-The-Art Techniques

Most Natural Permanent Looking Hair Transplant Results Medical Tourism Facility Available

Least Invasive, Scarless & Painless Procedures

100% Success Rate with Lifetime Post-operative Care Be a Part of India’s Most Trusted Hair Transplant Centre Easy EMI Facility at 0% Interest Available

Cert. Course from IIT Delhi in Healthcare Entrepreneurship IIM Indore – Alumni

Educational Qualifications

Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology-Germany BHMS, BHMC


Certificate in Hair Transplant Training Course

Certificate Program in Leadership and Change Management IIM-Indore Alumni Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Management-IIT Delhi

Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety-Harvard University, USA DiMAP (Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology)

Nutrition Cert.: Advanced Diet & Meal Planning

Dr. Ankit Sharma, an Aesthetic Physician & Hair Transplant Consultant, Trichologist, IIT Delhi, and IIM Indore Alumni, brings motivation with an emphasis on an ethical professional approach. His journey, marked by a goal of a ‘Bald-Free India,’ has seen him achieve milestones that redefine excellence in the field. The Hairsmith Clinic, under his visionary leadership, continues to weave success stories, setting new standards in the pursuit of a vision where expertise meets compassion.

Visit the Hairsmith Clinic Website and find them on Google for more information.



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