The Responsibility of iGaming Companies in Creating a Safe Gaming Environment for the Indian Audience



The Asian iGaming industry has boomed in recent years, thanks to online platforms becoming more accessible. But with this growth comes the crucial need for responsible iGaming practices to address iGaming addiction. Thankfully, many companies have stepped up to the plate, recognizing their role in creating a safe and player-focused environment. In this article, we take a closer look at how these companies promote responsible behavior and address the impact of iGaming addiction.

Growth of iGaming Industry

The Extent of iGaming Addiction Among the Indian Audience

According to a study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), it’s estimated that around 2-3% of the Indian audience suffers from some form of iGaming addiction. This translates to approximately 20-30 million individuals struggling with iGaming-related problems in the country.

Promoting Responsible iGaming

In response to the growing concern of iGaming addiction, an increasing number of betting companies are implementing responsible iGaming practices for the Indian audience. One of the primary initiatives undertaken by such organizations is the implementation of age verification procedures. By strictly enforcing age restrictions, they ensure that individuals below the legal gaming age are restricted from accessing their platforms. This measure significantly reduces instances of underage iGaming and demonstrates their commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals.

Parimatch sets itself apart as an outstanding iGaming operator that places a strong emphasis on safeguarding against iGaming addiction. This platform goes above and beyond by providing users with a range of effective tools to establish clear boundaries and maintain control over their gaming activities. With a host of features including spend limits, session time limits, and deposit limits, Parimatch empowers its users to exercise responsible iGaming habits. Furthermore, the organization goes the extra mile by offering a comprehensive assessment test, designed to gauge users levels of engagement in iGaming pursuits. In instances where individuals display signs of being at risk for iGaming-related problems, the platform suggests taking a break from playing. These proactive initiatives undertaken by operators like Parimatch truly exemplify a genuine dedication to promoting responsible iGaming practices and prioritizing the well-being of their valued user community.

Investing in Player Education

Studies indicate that players who receive educational materials and resources are more likely to play responsibly. iGaming companies have incorporated informative websites, in-game messaging, and helplines to provide players with access to valuable information. Data shows that 70% of players who have been exposed to responsible iGaming education demonstrate a better understanding of iGaming risks and exhibit more controlled iGaming behaviors.

Identifying and Tackling iGaming Addiction

To detect and address iGaming addiction at an early stage, iGaming operators are leveraging advanced technologies. Utilizing data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms, these companies can analyze player behavior patterns and identify potential signs of addiction. Statistics indicate that this proactive approach has led to a 25% reduction in severe iGaming addiction cases, as timely interventions and support are provided to at-risk individuals.

Collaboration and Responsible Regulation

Collaboration between iGaming companies, industry associations, regulatory bodies, and addiction support organizations is crucial in fostering a safe environment. Through such partnerships, responsible iGaming regulations are established and enforced. Notably, studies have shown that countries with well-regulated iGaming industries experience a lower prevalence of iGaming addiction. In the Asian market, responsible iGaming regulations have contributed to a 15% decrease in the number of individuals seeking treatment for severe iGaming addiction.

Supporting Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

The vast majority of iGaming companies understand the importance of supporting addiction treatment and rehabilitation efforts. Through financial contributions, research funding, and awareness campaigns, these companies assist organizations dedicated to helping individuals struggling with iGaming addiction. Statistics reveal that this support has led to a 30% increase in the availability and accessibility of addiction treatment centers and helplines across the country.

Wrapping Up

In 2023, the iGaming industry is at the forefront of promoting responsible iGaming practices and preventing iGaming addiction. Backed by compelling statistics, iGaming companies in the Asian market are taking significant steps to create a safe iGaming environment. Through responsible iGaming policies, player education initiatives, technological advancements, and collaboration with stakeholders, betting companies are actively addressing the issue of iGaming addiction. By prioritizing player well-being and implementing evidence-based strategies, the industry is playing a crucial role in shaping a safer and more responsible future for the Indian iGaming community.





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