Theft Free Durga Puja Ensured The Police


Due to the recent theft and dacoits incidents, the Tripura police have launched a special drive for pandal hoppers to venture out of their homes without any worry. In the special drive the history sheeters, pick-pocketers, and burglars are being put on preventive arrests to build confidence among the fear-stricken city dwellers.

In these previous few months, the incidents of theft, burglaries, and dacoits skyrocketed in Agartala city, and people have hired multiple watchmen and the residents are keeping the eye on these thieves. It should be mentioned that the police affected a moot reshuffle in the lower-level officers given the apparent failure in combating such incidents.

While addressing this issue the newly appointed SDPO SADAR Ajaya Kumar Das said, “We have identified some hideouts of the thieves and burglars. We are raiding these areas to pick them up. This drive has been launched to make sure that people can come out of their homes during Puja days without thinking much about their homes. Deploying additional security in the city areas shall yield no results. If homes are, not safe. We are now emphasizing to keep the homes safe at least in the festival season.”

Das also informed that the police officers will also be guarding the pandals on this Durga puja he said, “We have demanded 700 police and TSR personnel for Durga Puja Duty. Sufficient forces will be deployed all over the city areas as major big-budget Puja Pandals are here. Multi-Layer security arrangements will be put in place with some reserve forces. If the theft saves in controlled, I feel, there will be no major law and order issue during the Puja days.” After a gap of two years, Durga puja is celebrated with mass gatherings. For this many big budgets, pandals are being built and much creativity is also being done