There is an increase of 9% in eligible voters over the previous five years In Tripura

Tripura election

According to Tripura’s Chief Political Officer, Kiran Gitte, the state has had its highest-ever growth in total voters over the past five years, it is a sign that voters are becoming more educated about the electoral process.

He stated that in the last five years, 2.40 lakh new voters have been enlisted in the electoral registers, which reflects a 9% overall growth in the electorate.

The 80,000 new voters who were added to the electoral rolls before the state assembly elections were included in this. This explains a 2.91 percent rise in the state’s eligible voters in Tripura.

The top official also provided details on the complex security measures put in place before the elections and the specific initiatives that were started to reduce violence and enhance voter participation in elections.

He also said that the electoral rolls were released through transparent processes that included hearings at the Sub Divisional Magistrate and differentiated court case management levels, house-to-house data collecting, and the removal of duplicate voters.



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