Thief Arrested While Selling Gas cylinders,in Teliamura


A thief was arrested and handed over to the police by the people of the local area. The incident took place on Friday morning in Laltila area under Teliyamura police station.
It is to be noted that a tribal youth came to Laltila area under Teliamura police station to sell an empty gas cylinder at a low price. A local person bought the cylinder from that young man for 500 rupees, Then the other residents of the area got suspicious. When the locals asked the young man, incoherence could be noticed in his speech Later, the people of the local area united and arrested the young man and handed him over to the police of Teliamura police station. It is known that the young man’s name is Khakchang Jamatia. His house is in Trishabari area of the same police station area.