Third National Lok Adalat in Tripura: Resolving Long-standing Cases and Saving Time and Money


The Third National Lok Adalat, a significant initiative aimed at resolving long-standing legal disputes, was conducted on a Saturday across all districts and sub-divisional court locations within the state of Tripura, including the Tripura High Court.

Sabyasachi Dutta Purakayastha, the Member Secretary of the Tripura State Legal Service Authority, addressed reporters regarding this event. He revealed that a total of 15,272 cases were brought forward for resolution during this Lok Adalat. Among these cases, 7,467 were pre-litigated disputes, while the remaining 7,804 encompassed various issues, including matrimonial disputes, cases involving Negotiable Instruments (NI), Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) cases, and others.

In addition to the district and sub-divisional courts, the Tripura High Court played a pivotal role in this endeavor by taking up 65 cases for resolution.

Purakayastha emphasized the immense benefits of Lok Adalats for the general populace. He pointed out that these events not only aid in expeditious case resolution but also significantly reduce the financial burden on individuals, sparing them from hefty legal expenses and prolonged legal proceedings.

To further assist and guide common citizens through the process, a helpful support system in the form of a help desk was established within the court premises. Here, paralegal volunteers lent their expertise to ensure that people received the necessary guidance and support during the Lok Adalat proceedings.

The Third National Lok Adalat in Tripura, with its extensive caseload and dedicated efforts to provide accessible legal solutions, undoubtedly made substantial strides towards resolving long-pending cases and delivering justice to the people of the state.



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