Three Arrested with Fake Gold Bars in Bihpuria, Assam


In a recent development, the police in Lakhimpur district of Assam apprehended three individuals in possession of fake gold bars in Bihpuria. The arrests occurred during a routine check of a night service bus traveling from North Lakhimpur to Guwahati on Thursday night.

Arrests and Identification

The three arrested individuals were identified as Gulzar Hussain from Mohghuli, and Abdul Alam and Tayebur Ali from Sonapur, located in the notorious Bangalmora region. This area has gained notoriety for its involvement in fake gold and currency counterfeiting activities.

During the police operation, authorities confiscated three boat-shaped fake gold bars from the possession of the arrested individuals. This incident closely follows another recent occurrence where eleven fake gold bars were recovered from individuals Babul Hussain and Safiqul Hussain in Bangalmora.

These arrests come after a period of relative calm in the fake gold trade in Lakhimpur’s Bangalmora region. This lull followed a crackdown initiated by the police after the mysterious death of police officer Junmoni Rabha in 2023 and subsequent personnel changes, including the transfer of the Lakhimpur SP and Adl SP.

The recent police operation and subsequent arrests suggest a resurgence of illicit activities in the area. Despite previous efforts to curb such activities, the trade in fake gold and counterfeit currency seems to be regaining momentum.



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