Thwarting Human Trafficking: 13 Teenage Girls Rescued in Assam Operation


In a commendable victory against human trafficking, the Biswanath district police have successfully rescued 13 teenage girls who were on the verge of being trafficked out of the state. The operation unfolded at Rangapara railway station, where a vigilant police team intercepted the trafficking attempt.

Swift Police Action at Rangapara Railway Station

Acting on crucial inputs received when a group from North Jinjiya, Jinjiya tea estate, and Ratowa under Jinjiya police station attempted to transport the 13 girls via train, the District Superintendent of Police, Biswanath, Subhashis Barua, orchestrated a prompt and efficient response. The police team, led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Nabajit Das Baghri, swiftly reached Rangapara railway station, ensuring the successful rescue of the teenagers.

Traffickers Apprehended

During the operation, three alleged traffickers, including the mastermind identified as Suraj Nahak, his wife Swarasti Nahak, and accomplice Habib Ali, were apprehended. The trio is currently under interrogation at the local police station.

Planning and Execution by the Accused

The primary accused, Suraj Nahak, and his wife, Swarasti Nahak, are believed to have masterminded the trafficking operation. The rescued teenagers, now under the care of law enforcement agencies, were spared from the clutches of a potentially extensive trafficking network.

Ongoing Investigation for Unraveling the Network

The police suspect that the apprehended traffickers may be part of a more extensive network involved in human trafficking in the state. Thorough questioning is expected to provide valuable insights into the operations and connections within the trafficking ring.

Ensuring the Safety of Vulnerable Individuals

The successful rescue operation exemplifies the commitment of law enforcement agencies in Assam to combatting human trafficking and ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals. By dismantling such operations and apprehending those involved, the authorities are actively working to safeguard the well-being of potential victims.

Focus on Prevention and Intervention

The proactive approach exhibited by the Biswanath district police underscores the importance of preventive measures and swift intervention in thwarting human trafficking attempts. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement, along with community awareness, play a crucial role in curbing this heinous crime.



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