TIPRA Chief Urges Unity: “Work for the People, Not Personal Interests”


Tripura’s former monarch and TIPRA Motha Party chief, Pradyot Manikya, has recently criticized a group of “disgruntled” party leaders. He has called on these leaders to put aside their personal differences and instead focus on working for the people of Tripura.

In a recent statement, Pradyot Manikya emphasized the need for change and progress, stating that sometimes the existing systems have to be broken in order to bring about change. He also praised TIPRA for being the first party in the North-Eastern region to include LGBTQ rights in their manifesto, highlighting the party’s commitment to progressive values.

TIPRA, founded by Pradyot Manikya, is a regional political party in Tripura that aims to represent the interests of the indigenous people of the state. The party has been actively working to address the issues faced by the people of Tripura, such as unemployment, lack of basic amenities, and poor healthcare facilities.

In his statement, Pradyot Manikya emphasized the importance of working together as a team, rather than focusing on individual differences and personal interests. He called on all party leaders to join hands and work towards the betterment of Tripura and its people.

The statement by Pradyot Manikya highlights the need for unity and cooperation in the political sphere. It also emphasizes the importance of focusing on the needs of the people, rather than on personal interests and differences. With a strong leader like Pradyot Manikya at the helm, TIPRA is poised to make a positive impact on the lives of the people of Tripura.



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