Tipra Motha: A New Contender in the 2023 Tripura Assembly Elections?


The newly formed political party in Tripura, Tipra Motha, has thrown its hat in the ring for the upcoming assembly elections in 2023. Led by Bubagra Pradyut Kishore Manikya, the party has been gaining traction in the state and has emerged as a possible contender in the elections.

Tipra Motha has been formed with the aim of uniting the indigenous communities of Tripura and providing them with a political platform to voice their concerns. The party has been advocating for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the state and has promised to address the issues faced by the indigenous communities.

While Tipra Motha is a new entrant in the political arena, it has already gained significant support among the people. The party has been actively campaigning in the state, and its message has resonated with many voters.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Tipra Motha can secure a victory in the elections alone, without any alliance. The party is hoping to capitalize on the growing discontent among the people and emerge as a viable alternative to the BJP and the Congress-CPI(M) alliance.

However, winning an election alone is never easy, and Tipra Motha will need to overcome several challenges if it wants to emerge victorious. The party will have to expand its voter base, consolidate its support among the people, and convince them that it can deliver on its promises.

The results of the Tripura Assembly Elections 2023 are scheduled to be announced on March 2, 2023. The Election Commission will release the results on their official website, and they will also be broadcast live on various news channels.

Tipra Motha has emerged as a new contender in Tripura Assembly Elections in 2023. While the party has gained significant support among the people, it will need to overcome several challenges if it wants to secure a victory alone. The results on March 2 will reveal whether Tipra Motha’s message has resonated enough with the voters to emerge as a viable alternative in the state’s political landscape.




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