Tipra Motha Leader Pradyot Kishore Announces Arrival of Interlocutor for Tripura’s Tribal Issues on May 8


Pradyot Kishore, the leader of Tipra Motha party, has announced on social media that an “interlocutor” appointed by the Indian Home Ministry will visit Tripura on May 8. Kishore had previously stated that Indian Home Minister Amit Shah would visit the state, but now it seems an intermediary will come instead.

Kishore stated that the “interlocutor” would hold discussions with all stakeholders on the “constitutional solution” for the tribal problems in Tripura. He also mentioned that he had met with Amit Shah and would meet with him again on May 10 to discuss the same issue. Kishore promised to hold discussions with tribal party leaders and ordinary tribal people about the demands they should make to the “interlocutor.” However, he did not provide any specifics on what the “constitutional solution” would entail or what he plans to request from the “interlocutor.”

Kishore expressed concern about ethnic clashes in Manipur and said that he was prepared to help students from Tripura leave the area, which is currently experiencing violent turmoil. He also called for a peaceful resolution to the ethnic and administrative issues facing the people of Manipur.

It is worth noting that Kishore has shifted his stance from previous demands for “Greater Tipraland” or “Tipraland” to a call for a “constitutional solution.” This may indicate a willingness to work within the existing framework of the Indian constitution to address the concerns of tribal communities in Tripura.

It appears that Kishore is attempting to engage with the Indian government in a constructive manner to find a solution to the long-standing grievances of tribal communities in Tripura. His willingness to meet with stakeholders and the “interlocutor” suggests that he is open to dialogue and compromise, which could bode well for future negotiations.



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