Tipra Motha Party Awaits Promised Interlocutor from BJP, Raises Neglect Concerns


The Tipra Motha Party (TMP), a regional political entity in Tripura, had been assured by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of the appointment of an interlocutor to address their demands and concerns. However, to date, no such interlocutor has been dispatched, leading to growing apprehension among TMP members that they are being neglected by the BJP.

The TMP, which emerged as a significant force in Tripura’s politics, has been advocating for the recognition and protection of the rights and aspirations of the indigenous communities in the state. The BJP, in its election campaign, had promised to engage in dialogue with the TMP and appoint an interlocutor to facilitate discussions and address the party’s grievances.

However, despite the passage of time, no progress has been made regarding the appointment of an interlocutor, causing frustration and disappointment within the TMP ranks. Members of the party believe that the delay and lack of action indicate a disregard for their legitimate demands, potentially undermining the trust and alliance between the BJP and TMP.

The absence of an interlocutor has hindered the progress towards resolving key issues faced by the indigenous communities in Tripura, such as land rights, cultural preservation, and political representation. The TMP, along with its supporters, feels that their concerns are being brushed aside, leading to a sense of marginalization.

The delay in fulfilling the promise of an interlocutor not only raises questions about the BJP’s commitment to addressing the issues faced by indigenous communities but also adds to the growing disillusionment among TMP supporters. This situation has the potential to strain the relationship between the two parties and impact the overall political landscape in Tripura.

It is crucial for the BJP to recognize the significance of fulfilling its promises and engaging in meaningful dialogue with the TMP. The appointment of an interlocutor would demonstrate the BJP’s commitment to addressing the concerns of indigenous communities and fostering a cooperative and inclusive political environment in Tripura.

As the wait for the promised interlocutor continues, the TMP and its supporters are left wondering if their interests are being neglected by the BJP. The onus now lies on the BJP to take immediate steps to honor its commitment and engage in constructive dialogue with the TMP to resolve the pressing issues faced by the indigenous communities in Tripura. Failure to do so may have far-reaching consequences for the political landscape of the state.



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