Tipra Motha Party Councillor Resigns, Citing Neglect and Alleged Political Pressure


Seva Kalai, the lone councillor representing the ‘Tipra Motha Party’ in the 15-member Ambassa municipal council, tendered her resignation yesterday, citing ‘personal grounds.’ Seva Kalai’s departure raises questions about the treatment of opposition party members in municipal bodies across the state.

While Seva Kalai officially attributed her resignation to personal reasons, sources from Ambassa suggest deeper underlying issues. Attempts to reach her for comments on the matter were unsuccessful, but local sources reveal a history of neglect and casual treatment from municipal authorities, including the chairman. Allegedly, none of her appeals and requests received due consideration.

Seva Kalai’s husband, Darasing Malsum, a long-time employee in the state government’s sports and youth program department, was transferred out of Dhalai district some time ago. Speculations are rife that this move was an indirect pressure tactic to coerce Seva Kalai into leaving her party and joining the BJP.

Surprisingly, Seva Kalai found little support from the local ‘Tipra Motha Party’ MLA, Chitta Ranjan Debbarma, a former state government officer. Reports suggest that despite being a representative of the same party, Debbarma has not been actively engaged with party members, leaving Seva Kalai without the necessary backing to address her concerns.

What adds a layer of intrigue to the situation is the alleged indirect pressure exerted by the BJP. Despite the BJP’s expressed interest in winning over ‘Tipra Motha Party’ members and encouraging their alignment with the government, the reported tactics used against Seva Kalai seem contradictory. Denying her opportunities to function effectively as a councillor, coupled with the alleged transfer of her husband, raises questions about the political landscape in the region.

As a consequence of the purported pressure and lack of support, Seva Kalai took the drastic step of resigning from her position as a municipal councillor. The incident highlights the complex dynamics at play within local politics, emphasizing the challenges faced by opposition party members in executing their roles independently. The resignation also poses broader questions about the ethical conduct of political maneuvers and the need for a more inclusive and cooperative political environment.



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