Tipra Motha’s Bubagra Pradyot Kishore Retracts Demand for ‘Tipraland’ in Pursuit of Political Gain.


In a recent social media message, Pradyot Kishore, the supremo of Tipra Motha, has retreated from his previous demand for ‘Greater Tipraland’ or ‘Tipraland’. This comes as no surprise to many who saw his demand as destabilizing and elusive, causing tension and confusion in the state.

According to the message, Kishore has been approached by Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam for a political understanding with the BJP, on the condition that the demands for ‘Tipraland’ or ‘Greater Tipraland’ are given up and the BJP is committed to tribal development. Kishore has no objection to this but has requested that the BJP leadership respectfully invite him for talks and give a written undertaking on what they propose to do for tribal development.

The absence of any reference to ‘Greater Tipraland’ or ‘Tipraland’ in Kishore’s message confirms his opportunistic retreat from his previous demand. This reaffirms the age-old dictum that ‘every revolutionary ends up as heretic’, as Kishore’s politics of misadventure has led him to abandon his previous demand for personal gain.

While it is important to work towards tribal development, it is also important to remember the importance of respecting the aspirations of the tribal community. It remains to be seen how the BJP will approach talks with Kishore and whether they will make good on their promises for tribal development.



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