Tipra Motha Chief Calls Out Opposition Leaders for Blaming Minorities for Election Results.


In a recent post on his social media handle, Tipra Motha Chief Bubagra Pradyut Kishore Manikya spoke out against the blaming of minority communities for the results of the recent elections in Tripura. The post comes in response to criticism from opposition leaders who claimed that the failure of their candidates to secure their own community’s support was due to the lack of support from minority voters.

According to the post, while the majority of Tiprasas voted for Motha, the majority of Muslims voted for CPIM, and the majority of general areas voted for BJP. Despite this, opposition leaders still blamed Motha for not securing the support of their own communities.

Manikya argues that the real problem lies within the opposition’s support base and not with minority communities. He cites the example of the CPIM’s rule in Tripura for 25 years, during which time they were supported by the majority of Tiprasa voters. However, when the face of the party was Jitendra Choudhury, even in Sabroom, he narrowly won because TIPRA did not put up a candidate.

Manikya also calls out the hypocrisy of leaders who are quick to accuse him of being a CPIM Congress agent, but are unwilling to accept the fact that BJP is the most popular party amongst the Hindu Bengali community in most parts of the state of Tripura. He argues that non-Tiprasa and non-minority leaders must accept this fact and stop blaming minority communities for their own failures.

The post highlights an important issue in Indian politics, where minority communities are often used as scapegoats for electoral losses. It is important for leaders to take responsibility for their own shortcomings and work towards building a more inclusive society where all communities have an equal say in the political process.



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