TIPRA’s Hunger Strike for Tiprasa Community Grievances Begins Feb 28


Opposition party TIPRA Motha in Tripura gears up for an indefinite hunger strike in the autonomous region, commencing on February 28, to shed light on the prolonged grievances of the Tiprasa community.

Accusations Against the Central Government

After a party meeting, TIPRA Motha president, Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl unveils plans for the hunger strike, condemning the central government for neglecting their concerns. He accuses the government of deliberately prolonging the resolution process for issues affecting the Tiprasa community and other indigenous groups.

Hrangkhawl also alleges BJP’s involvement in orchestrating defections within TIPRA Motha to weaken its influence, adding to the political tension in the region.

Undeterred by the risks, Hrangkhawl asserts their readiness to continue the hunger strike until their demands are addressed, even if it leads to fasting until death.

Meanwhile, TIPRA Motha leader Pradyot Kishore Debbarma, previously vocal about a hunger strike until death, heads to New Delhi for discussions. He voices frustration over the neglect of indigenous communities and cultural suppression under leftist rule in Tripura, emphasizing the need for change and solidarity among indigenous people.

Debbarma highlights the resilience of indigenous people, proclaiming, “One Pradyut will die, 5000 Pradyut will rise,” underscoring the determination for their cause.

TIPRA Motha’s core demand remains the establishment of “Greater Tipraland,” a separate state for the indigenous population of Tripura.

In response, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha refrains from commenting directly on the proposed hunger strike, indicating ongoing assessment of the situation.

Amid escalating tensions, Tripura braces for potential political upheaval as TIPRA Motha takes a steadfast stance for the rights and recognition of indigenous communities.



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