TIPRA’s Pradyot Manikya Talks On “Polarization”


On Monday, the fifth edition of the India Today Conclave East kicked off with renowned leaders and personalities from across the fields gracing the platform and exchanging ideas.

TMC’s Sushmita Dev, BJP MLA from Manipur, Rajkumar Imo Singh and Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma, TIPRA chief were panellists at the session titled “POLITICAL CHESSBOARD: The Driving Force: Performance vs Polarisation”.

TIPRA Motha chairman Pradyot Manikya Deb Barma, opining on Northeast Indian politics said “There is a sense of insecurity among the local population – which is largely the indigenous population – that they will be flooded with people from outside. So when, a Government of India comes out with certain Bills – which says that we will protect you or we will protect your interests, they are also playing to a polarization card”.

Watch the entire discussion here.