Tiprasa Community Reacts Strongly to ST Certificate Cancellation Controversy


The swift handling of the Scheduled Tribe (ST) Certificate Cancellation issue concerning Christian indigenous people in the TTAADC (Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council) has sparked widespread discontent among the indigenous population. Many political leaders from the indigenous communities have vehemently rejected the expeditious handling of the matter, denouncing it as a divisive tactic that threatens to erode social harmony.

Expressing their dissatisfaction, indigenous political leaders are actively discouraging cooperation with those promoting religious divisions and provoking communities to disrupt social cohesion. They emphasize the shared coexistence of people from different religions, highlighting the absence of discrimination in government amenities based on religious affiliations.

Sanjay Jamatia, an influential social activist from Ampinagar, labeled the ST Certificate Cancellation issue as a sinister conspiracy aimed at sowing discord within indigenous communities based on religious lines. He highlighted the harmonious cohabitation of people from various religious backgrounds and condemned the divisive initiative.

“It is a worst conspiracy for our indigenous people to divide them over religion and an evil endeavor to generate conflict amidst the indigenous communities,” said Sanjay Jamatia.

In a press meet, Jamatia urged Chief Minister Manik Saha not to grant permission for the Janajati Suraksha Manch to organize a gathering on Christmas Day at Astabol ground. Indigenous social leaders are rallying support to dissuade people from attending the upcoming mass gathering scheduled for December 25, 2023. The date coincides with Christmas, a holy and joyous day for Christian communities, and the controversial gathering is seen as an anti-Christian movement that could demoralize the community.

Leaders within the indigenous community are emphasizing the need to avoid political issues that sow anxiety and despair among peace-loving people. They call for a concerted effort to preserve social integration and harmony for the overall welfare of the society.



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