To Be Honest and OneRare forge an Epic Fusion of Flavours & Blockchain with their Digital Collectibles


OneRare is thrilled to partner with To Be Honest and introduce their iconic dishes as Digital Collectibles in our Foodverse. This partnership will bring together the best of culinary innovation and blockchain technology in a delectable collection of 10 unique NFT offerings from To Be Honest.

TBH Crispy Beetroot

Envisioned in 2017 by IIT and IIM graduates, Mayank Gupta, Ritika Agrawal and Anuj Ghanghoria, To Be Honest aims to provide its customers a range of unique food options which go beyond the typical low calorie model. By delivering delicious products that also have high functional benefits, the brand has emerged as a leader in the Vegetable and Fruit snacks market in India. With their innovative Vacuum Cooking process, the snacks retain more than 90% of the nutrients of the raw vegetables & fruits. Recently the brand has entered the Ready to Cook range with another innovative product Ready-To-Cook Sprouts.

To Be Honest is taking a bold leap into the OneRare Foodverse, extending its reach to foodies worldwide and exploring exciting new possibilities & ways their innovative products can be consumed. Driven by their unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve and their passion for embracing cutting-edge technology, To Be Honest is thrilled to join forces with OneRare, to launch their collection of NFTs, introducing the goodness of To Be Honest to global food enthusiasts.

Among this exciting lineup, few of their all-time best-sellers will be launching as NFTs in the OneRare Kitchen. Get ready to indulge in the goodness of To Be Honest Mixed Sweet Potato and To Be Honest Super Seven Sprouts NFTs! Brace yourself as these iconic products take the digital realm by storm, capturing the essence of To Be Honests commitment to flavor, innovation, and nourishment.

These remarkable Ingredient NFTs will serve as the foundation for an array of innovative recipes, including the mouthwatering TBH Crispy Beetroot, the tantalizing TBH Sprouts Bhelpuri, and the irresistible TBH Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos, all part of the delectable 7 Dishes in their collection.

This is a very exciting opportunity to create brand awareness for TBH. One Rare is one of its kind tech platform and we are hoping to reach our target group in this very new & innovative virtual world,” comments Ms. Ritika Agrawal, Co-founder, To Be Honest.

By blending the art of food with the immersive world of NFTs, we are pushing boundaries and creating new avenues for food enthusiasts to engage, explore, and celebrate the diverse flavors of To Be Honest. Together, we are paving the way for a remarkable digital food exploration that will leave a lasting impact on the industry as a whole.” said, Ms. Supreet Raju, Co-founder of OneRare.

About To Be Honest

Based out of Delhi, To Be Honesthas an Omni Channel Distribution and has presence on various Quick Commerce, Ecommerce and Retail platforms like Instamart, Blinkit, Amazon, Reliance Signature etc. They also supply to various HoReCa clients like Taj, Oberoi, Olive. Apart from the domestic market, they export to 4 other countries. The success of the product can be judged from the fact that the brand has become a bestseller in the snacks category across various sales channels.





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