‘To omit names of Brus settled in Tripura from Mizoram rolls by Jun 15’


Aizawl: In a recent announcement, Madhup Vyas, the Chief Election Officer (CEO) of Mizoram, stated that efforts would be undertaken to remove the names of Brus settled in Tripura from the electoral rolls of Mizoram by June 15.

The decision to delete the names of Bru voters from the rolls comes as part of an ongoing process aimed at ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the electoral system. The CEO emphasized the importance of maintaining up-to-date voter lists, which are crucial for conducting free and fair elections.

The Brus, also known as Reangs, are a significant ethnic minority in the state of Mizoram. However, due to longstanding conflicts and tensions, a substantial number of Brus had been displaced and settled in refugee camps in Tripura. Efforts have been made in the past to facilitate their return and reintegration into Mizoram.

The move to omit the names of Bru voters from the electoral rolls is expected to have an impact on the political landscape, as it may result in a reduction in the overall number of voters. However, it is important to note that this decision is being implemented with the objective of ensuring the accuracy of the voter lists, rather than being driven by any political agenda.

Vyas further stated that extensive measures would be taken to ensure transparency and fairness in the process. Efforts will be made to engage with relevant stakeholders, including Bru community leaders and organizations, to address any concerns and facilitate a smooth implementation of the deletion process.

It is worth mentioning that the deletion of names from the electoral rolls should not be seen as a disenfranchisement of the Brus settled in Tripura. Instead, it should be viewed as a step towards updating the voter lists and ensuring that they reflect the current demographic realities of Mizoram.

As the June 15 deadline approaches, the Mizoram election authorities will be working diligently to complete the process efficiently. The CEO urged all concerned parties to cooperate and support these efforts in the interest of maintaining a robust and accurate electoral system in the state.

The removal of Bru voters’ names from the Mizoram electoral rolls by June 15 aims to uphold the integrity of the electoral process and provide a fair representation of the state’s current population.



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