Tourist Scam Unveiled: Guwahati Authorities Arrest 3 in Deceptive Hotel Scheme


The fraudulent activities targeting tourists, authorities in Guwahati have arrested three individuals involved in a scheme that deceived visitors and left hotels unpaid. The arrest signals a resolute response to protect the reputation of the tourism industry in the region.

The modus operandi of the scammers involved luring unsuspecting tourists with enticing offers, only to exploit them financially. The individuals, now in custody, posed as tour operators and offered discounted packages that included accommodation in reputed hotels across Guwahati.

Once the tourists were enticed by the seemingly lucrative deals, the scammers facilitated their check-ins at various hotels, presenting forged payment receipts. However, behind the scenes, the perpetrators orchestrated a web of deceit by providing false information to the hotels about payment processing delays.

As a result, the hotels were left unpaid, and the unsuspecting tourists, having already paid the scammers for the supposedly discounted packages, found themselves embroiled in a web of deception. The arrests came after a series of complaints from both the defrauded tourists and the affected hotels.

The Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies, working in coordination with hotel authorities and victims, swiftly identified and apprehended the three individuals responsible for orchestrating the elaborate scam. The suspects are now facing charges related to fraud, forgery, and financial misconduct.

Local authorities have urged tourists to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of tour operators and package deals before making any payments. The incident underscores the importance of due diligence when engaging with unfamiliar travel arrangements to avoid falling prey to scams.

The impact of such fraudulent activities extends beyond monetary losses, affecting the trust and confidence tourists place in the local tourism industry. The arrests send a strong message that authorities are actively working to safeguard the interests of visitors and maintain the integrity of Guwahati’s tourism sector.

As the legal proceedings against the arrested individuals unfold, authorities are conducting thorough investigations to determine the extent of the scam and identify any potential accomplices. The incident serves as a reminder for both tourists and businesses to exercise caution and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly.

The swift arrest of three individuals involved in deceiving tourists and evading hotel payments in Guwahati reflects the authorities’ commitment to maintaining the credibility of the tourism industry. The case serves as a cautionary tale for both tourists and businesses, highlighting the importance of vigilance and collaboration to weed out fraudulent activities that tarnish the reputation of the region’s hospitality sector.



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