Tragedy Strikes Manipur as Unidentified Gunmen Claim Lives in Two Separate Incidents


In a devastating turn of events on January 18, Manipur witnessed a gruesome attack that resulted in the loss of five innocent lives. The assailants, armed and unidentified, carried out two separate incidents, leaving a trail of grief and despair in their wake.

The first incident unfolded in Ningthoukhong Kha Khunou under the Bishnupur district, where four farmers, including a father and son, fell victim to the ruthless attackers. Oinam Bamonjao (63) and Oinam Manitomba (37), the unfortunate father-son duo, were among the casualties. The other two victims were identified as Thiyam Somendro (53), son of Manibabu, and Ningthoujam Nabadeep, son of the late Shyam.

Reports indicate that the armed miscreants descended from Lamlai Kabui village, covering a distance of over 2 kilometers to reach a water supply plant situated amidst paddy fields. It was at this location that the perpetrators allegedly carried out the brutal killings, casting a shadow of fear and insecurity over the region.

Simultaneously, tragedy struck Kangchup in the Kangpokpi district, where a gunfight claimed the life of a village volunteer, Takhellambam Manoranjan, aged 28. Additionally, at least three individuals sustained injuries during the confrontation.

The motive behind these heinous acts remains unclear, leaving the community grappling with shock and sorrow. The loss of innocent lives, including farmers and a dedicated village volunteer, underscores the vulnerability of civilians caught in the crossfire of such violence.

Local authorities are actively investigating the incidents, working tirelessly to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The need for enhanced security measures and community vigilance is now more apparent than ever, as Manipur strives to overcome this dark chapter and restore a sense of safety for its residents.

As the affected families mourn their loved ones, the broader community stands united against such senseless acts of violence. The hope remains that justice will prevail, and steps will be taken to prevent the recurrence of such tragic events, fostering a safer environment for all in Manipur.



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