Security Concerns Rise in Manipur as Kuki Militants’ Activities Escalate


In the backdrop of escalating violence and security challenges in Manipur, the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has called for national attention to be directed towards Security Adviser Kuldiep Singh. The major socio-cultural organization of Manipur emphasizes the urgency of shedding light on Singh’s critical comments regarding the increasing involvement of Kuki militants across the state.

In a press briefing held on January 18 at the CM Secretariat, Kuldiep Singh expressed serious concerns over the active role of Kuki militants in targeting innocent civilians and security forces. The recent incident in the Bishnupur area, where Kuki militants attacked three workers near Naga village, further highlighted the severity of the situation. This incident left the victims seriously injured, emphasizing the need for swift and decisive action.

COCOMI, reacting to Singh’s comments, urges the national media to focus on the potential engagement of foreign mercenaries and Kuki militants, currently in suspension of operations with the Government of India. The organization stresses that recognizing these factors, eight months post-violence, is crucial in understanding the root causes of Manipur’s ongoing crisis. This understanding, COCOMI believes, can contribute to finding lasting resolutions to the complex issues facing the region.

The security situation in Manipur took a grim turn with the killing of five civilians by unknown armed miscreants on January 18 in two separate incidents. Four farmers, including a father and son, were shot dead in Ningthoukhong Kha Khunou under Bishnupur district. The armed miscreants reportedly traveled over 2 km to carry out the attack. Additionally, a village volunteer lost his life during a gunfight at Kangchup in Kangpokpi district, while at least three others were injured.

Kuldiep Singh, during the press conference, assured that security forces are actively engaged in combing operations to address the heightened activities in and around the hills and Moreh. He highlighted the government’s proactive measures to ensure the safety of civilians and security personnel, expressing hope to bring the situation under control within the next few days.

As Manipur grapples with the complex challenges posed by the increased involvement of Kuki militants, the call from COCOMI for national focus on Security Adviser Kuldiep Singh underscores the need for a comprehensive approach to address the root causes and find lasting solutions to the ongoing crisis. The collaboration between security forces, government initiatives, and media attention will play a crucial role in restoring stability and ensuring the safety of the people in Manipur.



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